Articles & Application Notes.

iSWAB vs Sponge
Longer gDNA Stability, Lower Bacterial DNA Contamination, and Greater Cost Efficiency; The Choice is Yours

Buccal Cells, not Saliva
– 20% – 46% of the Population Suffers from Dry Mouth: Saliva Collection is not a Universal Sample Collection Tool
– Invasive vs Non-Invasive – DNA quality downstream
– Conference: Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference, At Doha, Qatar, Volume: Second, 2014

Next Generation Sequencing
– Invasive vs Non-Invasive – DNA quality downstream
– iSWAB Poster  Epigenomics 2016
– HLA Typing with PacBio Single Molecule Sequencing Technology from iSWAB-Discovery
– iSWAB-DNA: Whole Exome Sequencing approved
De novo variants in GREB1L unveiled with Exome sequencing from buccal cells

Whole Exome Sequencing
Trauma-induced exacerbation of epithelial-stromal TGFBI lattice corneal dystrophy
De novo variants unveil inner ear malformation and deafness

Epigenomics and Methylation
iSWAB Poster  Epigenomics 2016

HLA Sequencing Based Typing
HLA Typing with PacBio Single Molecule Sequencing Technology from iSWAB-Discovery

– iSWAB-ID AAFS 2018 Presentation
– Maximizing the amount of DNA recovered: a study of Mawi DNA Technologies’ iSWAB-ID collection device for forensic science application
– AAFS Poster Mawi-2016
– Superior Forensic STR Profiling with iSWAB-ID

Mawi Sample Prep for Direct PCR or RT-PCR

Detection of Frataxin using iSWAB-Protein UAB
Paper: Detection of Oxidative Stress in Buccal Cells using iSWAB Tubes

Animal Speciation and Genetics
iSWAB-Vet Poster

Automation Compatibility
– High-Yield Automated gDNA Isolation using Perkin Elmer chemagic Technology
– Extraction automation on Hamilton Star with Omega Purification Kit (video)
– Automated Extraction of iSWAB with Omega and Hamilton
Extraction of iSWABs with SPRI
– Biomek Compatibility Guide
– Qiagen QiaSymphony (Custom method # B400_CR21913, Contact Qiagen Apps team)

Products in Development
– A Pilot Study to Investigate the Feasibility of Transporting Saliva Samples at Room Temperature with MAWI Cell Stabilization Buffer

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