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We are a United States based company developing unique biosample collection technologies enabling universal sample collection from any population segment including animals, that also allow samples to be transported and stored at room temperature. The innovative design of our iSWAB™ biosample collection products allow for release of cells captured from almost any swab into a proprietary buffer. iSWAB samples can be used for simple or complex applications in multiomics-based analysis.

We have overcome the problems of low recovery, high bacterial content, low quality DNA, and excessive resampling costs common to most current sample collection methods.

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GRYT Health Cancer and COVID-19 Live Session

Our CEO and Founder Dr. Bassam El Fahmawi will be a panelist for the COVID-19 Global Summit hosted by Gyrt Health and AAPM on Saturday April 18th 12:00 – 4:30 pm EST. Register for free at https://www.grytmentalhealthsummit.com/en/registration
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