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Mawi iSWAB Microbiome-EL Enables Prime Discoveries’ Development of Rapid Extraction-Less COVID Diagnostic Assay


Mawi DNA Technologies Nabs CE Certification for Sample Collection Product Portfolio


Mawi DNA Technologies Awarded Two ISO Certifications


Mawi DNA Technologies Announces Partnership with FUJIFILM

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MagBio Genomics Inc. Develops Automated RNA Purification Chemistry for Mawi iSWAB-RNA v2 on Thermofisher KingFisher™ Flex

Biopharma Dive

BioIVT and Mawi DNA Technologies Describe Successful COVID-19 Supply Chain Solutions

Manufacturing Chemist

Diaago and Mawi DNA partner on customisable automation solutions

Lab Manager

Diaago and Mawi DNA Technologies Partner to Provide Customizable Solutions with iSWAB

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Mawi DNA’s Extractionless Sample Collection Technology Enables BioTech Africa Launch of Affordable COVID-19 Mass Testing Platform

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Mawi DNA Technologies Announces Partnership With Nucleus Biotech

NBC Bay Area

Silicon Valley Startup Hopes New Test Tube Will Revolutionize COVID-19 Testing

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How coronavirus affects our lungs, explains AAPM CEO in this video


One swab, many results

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Mawi Partners With CosmosID For Better Service Delivery

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MAGBIO Genomic Develops Automation Friendly RNA Purification Chemistry for Mawi iSWAB-RNA-v2

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Cell Stabilization Product Line

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Mawi DNA Technologies presented its novel iSWAB-Cells

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Mawi DNA Technologies Launches ISWAB-Microbiome Sample Collection System

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Automated DNA purification, 7/16


Bassam El-Fahmawi Founder of Mawi DNA Technologies

eHealth Radio Network

Mawi DNA Technologies - Biosampling Reinvented

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Omega Bio-tek Develops Automated DNA Purification for Mawi iSWAB-DNA

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Mawi DNA Technologies Garners Patent for iSWAB Technology


Mawi DNA Technologies Announces Patent For Sample Recovery and Collection Device


Best Practices for Sample Processing and Storage Prior to Microbiome DNA Analysis Freeze? Buffer? Process?

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