Spit DNA is a hit or miss

Have you ever wondered why isolating quality DNA from Spit/Saliva is inconsistent, especially when it comes to DNA sequencing?


Spit/Saliva is a complex biological matrix with a mixture of different DNA sources that vary in percentage from one individual to another


  • White blood cells
  • Buccal cells
  • Lysed cells
  • Bacteria
  • Mucus
  • Nasal execrations (excretions?)
  • Food particles


Given this heterogeneity, It is not surprising that success or failure of this kind of sample varies widely when using spit/saliva collection devices such as liquefied spit collection tubes or foam/sponge based swabs.


In contrast, the use of standard swabs for sample collection yields far less complex gDNA; in fact over 95% comes from buccal cells, making it the most prominent single source of gDNA in this sample type. This is what iSWAB-DNA has shown time after time…iSWAB-DNA is designed to selectively lyse mammalian cells and not bacteria, resulting in the highest quality human gDNA that works every single time

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