The Mawi DNA Story – “Out of pain comes resolve”

In the video above, Dr. El-Fahmawi shares a personal experience of his child having serious ailments as a baby. She was severely ill and doctors had a difficult time diagnosing the issue. Going through the traumatic experience resulted in the creation of the company, Mawi DNA.

Dr. El-Fahmawi saw that there was a need for: a simpler sampling process (for DNA and RNA), ease of transport of biological samples and a higher level of accuracy.

Since then, the company has developed non-invasive sample collection technologies that reduce the number of samples required from an individual.

Mawi DNA has made it their commitment to:

  • Create sampling collection technologies that are viable for everyone, especially children
  • Make non-invasive sampling technologies that are ideal both for home and in clinic collection
  • Obtain quality samples to achieve a meaningful result

For more information about Mawi’s signature product, iSWAB visit our iSWAB Insights Blog.