Project Description

To create a more comprehensive profile of our health and wellness vs. disease, multiple analytes need to be included in the analytical mix such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell morphology. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of current sample collection practices this means multiple samples need to be collected per individual involving expensive cold chain logistics in both transport and storage, especially for samples received internationally. These shortcomings hinder sample accessibility, diversity and complexity and thus research accuracy.

Clearly there is a need for a universal sample collection method that enables isolation and analysis of multiple analytes from the same sample to allow more precise medical discoveries. In addition, ideally this method should be simple and suitable for self or assisted collection, any population segment, requires no specialized expertise to use, and stable for room temperature storage and transport. To address this need Mawi DNA Technologies has developed a range of iSWAB products for OMICS research, to enable analysis of genomics, proteomics, microbiomics, and metabolomics.

Products Include:


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