Achieve faster, more accurate COVID-19 results with the NextSWAB

Testing for infectious disease SARS-CoV-2 using the NextSWAB 100% medical-grade plastic molded swab – outperforms flocked swabs in many applications

Mawi DNA Technologies, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of innovative technologies for biosampling, announces its launch of a new product in response to COVID-19 swab shortage. The NextSWAB is a 100% medical grade plastic sample applicator designed for high efficiency collection and release capability for SARS-CoV-2 nasal sample collection.

The NextSWAB sterile sampling applicator for biological sample collection is 6 inches in length, with a unique head design positioned at the distal end. The swab head is designed with two channels separated by a septum that retains the collected nasal material and can then be released into the transport media with a gentle shake. The flexible head can fit into crevices with ease and effectiveness.

The NextSWAB is designed for optimal sample collection and release capabilities and is compatible with many sample transport tube, making it ideal for multiple swab sample pooling in a single tube. The NextSWAB is ready for use and does not require any preparation for specimen collection. A second nasal sample can be added to the same vial creating a more concentrated sample to improve overall reliability of the test.

The innovative NextSWAB fully releases its contents into the sample transport media removing the need for the swab to be transported with the sample. A fully concentrated liquid sample can then be quickly processed with robotic liquid handling systems and/or any laboratory workflow. During initial R&D testing, the NextSWAB’s unique and patent pending head design has shown higher collection efficiency for nasal (mid-turbinate and anterior nares) samples than flocked swabs with extremely minimal user discomfort.
The NextSWAB is a comfortable, high performing sterile plastic swab that offers multifunctional use for sample collection without the possibility of contamination from glue or fibers used in flock and cotton swabs. The supply chain line for the NextSWAB is reliable and stable to counteract increasing demand for COVID sample collection swabs. Due to the 100% plastic molded construction and USA based manufacturing, supply chain issues will be nonexistent. For more information on the NextSWAB please visit us at


NextSWAB Protocol