Mawi maintains robust stock of COVID testing supplies with USA-Based, uninterrupted supply chain.

Mawi’s iSWAB technology is available in various quantities to support large and small COVID testing sites with no supply chain delays. We are proud to say that over the course of this pandemic we have never experienced supply chain issues. We have full control over all aspects of our USA-based manufacturers. All orders for Mawi testing supplies have been fulfilled within customer expectations.

The iSWAB-Microbiome-EL for COVID-19 sample collection technology is compatible with an array of COVID testing procedures and may be purchased in large bulk quantities for mass sample collection and testing. Sample collection can be achieved with nasal or saliva collection methods at-home or by health care providers, as it has been demonstrated to be non-hazardous. The ISWAB-Microbiome-EL (Extraction-Less) device is designed to eliminate the RNA extraction step in the COVID-19 Molecular testing workflow, allowing researchers to perform direct RT-PCR on individual and pooled samples. The iSWAB technology inactivates COVID positive samples and does not require cold chain infrastructure. Mawi’s viral transport media allows for samples to be stored and transported in ambient temperature for up to several weeks.

The FDA has granted several Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID testing including UCSD EXCITE Lab’s self-collected COVID test using the original iSWAB-Microbiome as the transport medium for their COVID-19 sampling kit. There are other EUAs in process using the iSWAB-Microbiome-EL (Extraction-Less) formula that are expected to be approved soon. To further mitigate supply chain risk, Mawi has developed its own 100% medical grade plastic sample applicator: the NextSWAB, designed for high efficiency collection and release capability in COVID sample collection.

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